Ryotaro Endo
A KA RU I E (bright pictures)

Ryotaro Endo's art is an electric prod in the eye. Color pulsates from his work -- pure color -- saturated and glossily sealed in plastic. His designs are based on gymnastic equipment and although distorted they remain easily recognized as a vaulting horse, parallel bars, or balance beam.

This is Ryotaro Endo's first solo show in Tokyo since his return from London. Working in collaboration with one of Japan's leading printing companies Endo has used computer-generated graphics and the latest digital printing techniques.

Some of the works are huge. They consist of a number of long sheets of micro-thin acrylic onto which the design has been printed. They are then attached directly to the gallery wall like a billboard. Occasionally over this high gloss surface, Endo smears a few rough gestures of expressionist paint.

It is loud, brash, in your face art -- and wonderfully refreshing.

through September 7 The Gallery Saatchi & Saatchi Tel. O3.5775-1888 Infini Akasaka 8-7-15 Akasaka, Minato-ku 10:00 18:00 closed Sunday Aoyama 1-chome station Ginza