Nicolas Moulin 'Pole' In collaboration with Bertrand Lamarche  

As if from an Antarctic landscape
cold blue light ekes out of the images of French artist Nicolas Moulin. His photographs are of glimpses of architecture against expanses of clear blue skies. Through his photography Moulin transforms the concrete exteriors of buildings into landscapes which compare in barren beauty to the earth's Polar Regions.

Moulin's work 'Pole' is an audiovisual installation on display at Gallery Koyanagi in Ginza. About 80 slides are continuously projected to the accompaniment of a grinding, base sound effect. The images shiver to the sounds produced by a record needle endlessly vibrating across a record. Sounding somewhere between audio feedback and the chanting of Buddhist Monks, it is a haunting accompaniment to the stark images.

Expanses of concrete -- wastelands of geometric grey -- vast against blue skies form the only subject in these images. They are clinical in execution and the subject fragments of architecture appear monumental. There are no signs of human activity making it are difficult to gauge scale. The photographs are bleached in stark light and saturated in a blue hue. The blueness is enhanced by Moulin's use of tungsten film with daylight photography, instead of its usual use with interior artificially lit work.

Moulin's photography brilliantly captures the strong angles and contrasts of light and shadow across the sparse surfaces of buildings. Using a low camera angle he creates an artificial horizon using the edges of the buildings against the sky. This viewpoint and the eerie light in his work transform ordinary concrete rooftops, walls and ventilation boxes into other worldly landscapes.

Through December 22 Gallery Koyanagi 1-7-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku Tel: 03.3561.1896 11:00 - 19:00 Closed Sun & Hol