Fujita Jun  

Many artists listen to music while they work. Fujita Jun, however, is inspired not only by the music but also by the shape of the musical recording. Records, CDs and Mini-discs are the inspirational source for his circular designs. Multitudes of meticulously painted circles adorn his canvases. Its not surprising, given the mechanical-like repetition in his creations, to learn that he listens to techno music while he paints.

The work of this 29-year-old Tokyo artist shows a currently unfashionable concern for the craft of painting. His works are painted on carefully prepared canvas surfaces, sanded smooth and silky white. By use of cut stencils he creates delicate, repetitive circular patterns.

The paintings have an optical effect, not unlike the hard edged work of Joseph Albers and Bridgett Riley in the late 1960s. The patterns Fujita Jun creates are also reminiscent of designs on 60s wall paper -- and have a nostalgic, retro feel about them. His work is crafted in painstaking detail taking the utmost care to create pristine surfaces that a machine would be proud to have produced. They are coolly seductive.


Saison Art Program, Gallery Cosmos Aoyama 1F 5-53-67 Jingumae Shibuya-Ku Tel: 03.5464.0197 through December 22