Shinenobu Yoshida
Life is a rainbow for Shinenobu Yoshida. His video installation transforms a rail journey across France into a pulsating pageant of color. Yoshida uses the saturated color keys on his video to transform an unedited recording from a train window, into abstract images of radiant reds blues and yellow/greens---a kaleidoscope of moving images. The piece works best when the video is of the train moving past fence posts or other architectural features that translate through the colored distortion into rhythmic patterns.
This video work draws on Yoshida's previous explorations of the color spectrum using prisms and other optical devices. The video is mesmerizing in its simplicity and almost climactic when another train passes in the opposite direction and causes a frenzy of pulsating psychedelic effects. I couldn't help thinking it was the only thing I've seen recently that hasn't had a soundtrack by Moby and is perhaps the only thing where it should have been included.

Forum Art Shop Gallery Tokyo International Forum

Yurakucho station

through October 9